Let’s give this blogging one more try.


Greetings! My name is Crystel – welcome to my blog!

A few facts about myself is that I’m a Seattleite, meaning, I LOVE coffee. You’ll often see me post things about my life, health & fitness, and food & wine! Enjoy :)!


About crystelc1ear

I'm a Seattle native who enjoys looking at the brighter side of things. Once a person who dwells in the past, I now use my past experiences, both good and bad, to write some pretty interesting stories. Well, for myself that is. Recently, I've travelled to places that have encouraged me to be more open-minded. I'm a foodie and I like the idea of savoring foods as much as savoring every moment in life. Okay, I'm getting too philosophical ;)
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2 Responses to Let’s give this blogging one more try.

  1. vivibug says:

    Hi Crystel! I’m also a Seattleite, and have a passion for happiness, health, fitness and of course FOOD! I look forward to your blog posts 🙂

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