Goodbye 2015, hello 2016 :)!


I cannot believe how fast this year flew! As excited as I am for 2016, I have to admit, 2015 will be a hard year to top. I graduated college, entered the workforce and travelled the world – well, parts of it at least :).

It’s hard for me to explain how much graduating meant to me – 7 years of confusion and changing majors. While I cried the day I walked across that stage, the tears that came out were for tears of joy!



Lots of stressful days with these beautiful ladies!

It’s interesting to say, but during the last month of school, I was just so eager for everything to be over. Now that I’m working full time, I actually miss the stress of figuring out the answer to a tough equation and pulling all nighters to finish a paper and/or study for a final exam. What I miss most is my amazing friends. Sadly, they all moved away to different parts of the country – one even moved to Germany! Boy do I miss them.

Graduation was a milestone, but what happened the next morning; the next month to be more clear, was an experience I’ll never forget! I was off to the skies and flew to Europe for an adventure of a lifetime.


London with Big Ben in the background.


The Eiffel Tower – Paris was my favorite city :)!


Rome, Italy


I took a cooking class in Rome! One of the most memorable moments of my vacation. While I don’t post about it much, I LOVE to cook 🙂


New friends from our tour group 🙂



New friends from our tour group 🙂


Having fun at an Italian Restaurant.


Athens, Greece



Parasailing over the Mediterranean Sea 🙂


Poros, Greece


Barcelona, Spain

I had the privilege of growing up in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington and like many people, I did things based on what I knew and the environment I grew up in. I was always seeing things from a Seattleite’s perspective – I order coffee a certain way because I’m from Seattle. I dress how I dress because I’m from Seattle. I talk how I talk because I’m from Seattle. I’m sure you get the picture by now.

Traveling around Europe for a month thought me to see life and live life from a different perspective. I enjoyed learning about different cultures by simply roaming around their markets and indulging their delicious foods. Being in a foreign place helped me become a more confident woman. It’s funny how successfully navigating through Paris’ complex subway system (the most complicated one in the world), with the challenge of overcoming a language barrier, gave me the confidence to tackle anything life throws at me. One life-changing experience I had was parasailing over the Mediterranean in Greece. Why is this life-changing you may ask? Well………… I CAN’T SWIM. I didn’t realize how philosophical I’d get as I ponder about this experience. Not knowing how to swim was a challenge – I’m glad I said to myself, “Fuck it and put a life jacket on. When are you ever going to get to do this again?” To make it short, I should never refrain myself from something as there is always a way to make it happen. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will be in – oh Europe, how I miss you!

When I came back from vacation, I spent the rest of my summer working and spending time with friends. Luckily, as I mentioned, I live in Washington – I have so many beautiful places to explore.


Beautiful Mt. Rainier in Washington State.


With one of my dear friends.

Towards the end of the Summer, I was in the hunt for a new job and luckily, while entry level, I was offered a job at an admirable Seattle-based organization. I’m hoping to eventually earn my way into their Marketing department. So far, I love the people I work with and I’m thankful to god for the opportunity.


My desk is usually not that messy. It’s the Christmas decor lol

Last but not least, I went to one last trip this year. One of my dearest friends from college moved back to the East Coast as her husband got stationed in Virginia. I flew there around the middle of November and we had a mini road trip to NYC!


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Times Square – New York City



New York pizza 🙂


What a wonderful year. I graduated, got to travel, began working towards the career I want to get into and I learned a lot about myself. Now, this blog post may look as if my year was perfect – it was not. I’m currently in a phase where I miss school and entering the workforce was sort of a culture shock. I’m no longer going to school, internship and work all in one day. I have weekends off and I never know what to do with my spare time. I need to find a hobby. Actually, this year it will be focusing more on my health. Yeah, I know. I’ll probably start off great with health and fitness in January, but fall off a month later. Well, you all just wait and see. I know for a fact I’ll stick to it this time 🙂

Again, 2015 is going to be a year I’ll remember forever and I cannot wait to see what 2016 will have to offer.


Spending NYE 2015 at home with family. I love my large wine glass lol






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I'm a Seattle native who enjoys looking at the brighter side of things. Once a person who dwells in the past, I now use my past experiences, both good and bad, to write some pretty interesting stories. Well, for myself that is. Recently, I've travelled to places that have encouraged me to be more open-minded. I'm a foodie and I like the idea of savoring foods as much as savoring every moment in life. Okay, I'm getting too philosophical ;)
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