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The ugly duckling doesn’t forget the past.

  There’s a pain inside me that’s never really gone away. Growing up, I never felt beautiful – I was always the biggest girl in my class and my family often acknowledged my lack of being SKINNY. Yes, I said, … Continue reading

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I need to stop relying on the scale.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who rely on the steady declining numbers on a scale, to ensure you’re doing well with eating healthy and working out. When I lost 35 pounds almost 5 years ago, I … Continue reading

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The never-ending battle with my body image.

Since I was young, I was never “skinny.” As I think back to elementary school gym class, I remember the embarrassment I felt whenever we were tested on pull-ups or mile runs. Out of the 25-30 students, I was one … Continue reading

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